I’m Petra

This is as personal as it gets ♥

Years ago, I decided to live my life “in the moment” kind of way. For me it means that I need to be right here and now to be truly happy. Even if I could, I don’t want to look too deep in to things when it’s not really necessary. Of course, I’ve too been down the road of life changing events but I choose to keep going forward instead of looking back on what could have been. In a way, I believe that somethings might happen for a reason. Perhaps just to let you grow from the experience and become who you were supposed to be in the first place.

Quite often I’m told that I have a very positive way of looking at life. And it’s true, I do my best to live by my vision for being a happy person. And, there’s no secret that I do what I can to inspire others to do the same. Sometimes there’s obstacles on the way (what’s the challenge if it wasn’t!) but instead of giving up, I give it a go and try my absolutely hardest to get my way around them.

In many ways I’m a free spirit. My creativity feeds from the positive energy I get from inspiring people I meet and surround myself with. It also comes from new experiences and new knowledge. I’m extremely open minded and I get a thrill out of challenging myself – and others – with new ideas and new ways of both looking and thinking at things.

No matter how fun and inspiring, sometimes things get a little bit too busy even for me. I’ve learned that it’s important to not completely drain my energy and creativity. I have to get them both reloaded to be the best I can be. I don’t need extravaganza when doing this. Even though I love being pampered at a hotel or a spa, I mostly enjoy the simplest of things. Such as sitting on a cliff by the ocean with the waves, the wind, the seabirds and an occasional sail boat passing by. I feel quite happy and alive when the wind messes up my hair and when I can feel the fresh ocean air in my lungs!

I’ve always had a great need to let my eyes see all the beautiful things surrounding me every day. Realizing that people don’t often see what’s right in front of them until the can see some kind of visual proof, I started to document life with my camera. As you can tell, especially if you have a good eye for photography, I’m not a professional photographer. Neither do I have that ambition. My photography is simply about collecting everyday memories that later serves as a reminder of special moments shared with family and friends.

In my blog www.beautimage.com I share some of my favourite photos, notes & quotes with you to remind and inspire you too to be living in the moment. Life is easy and breezy when you do!


My Instagram Accounts;

@petrabeautimage #beautimage

@petraaf1973art #petraaf1973art


Someone very special to me sent me a link to a song a while back. The song is “Living in the Moment”, performed by Jason Mraz. I love the meaning of the lyrics and it’s a song that always makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing!



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